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A vast selection of tools, from the everyday to more specialist equipment. Here you’ll find a staple remover for every day of the week. We stock a full range of Osborne tools, renowned for their quality, alongside a selection of other brands such as Silverline, Senco, BeA, Kai and more. We have lots of choice for staple guns, with market leaders Senco and Bea amongst the staple guns we stock, alongside a range of compressors, air lines and connectors. We’ve hammers and mallets galore, from general use magnetic hammers, through to nylon tipped for more delicate work. We have tailors chalk including the Hancock’s triangle in many colours. We stock many brands of shears, with Kai, & the UK manufactured Whiteley brands amongst them. We’ve lots of choice when it comes to buttons, from small hand presses for those doing less frequent buttoning, through to the high quality Osborne lever press.