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A Hugely important part of the upholstery process. Under the comfortable foam or traditional fillings, each & every sofa will have springs or webbing, or a combination of both to offer support. What is used, and how it is installed can make a huge difference to the over feel of the furniture. We offer a whole variety of springs, from individual cone springs, usually installed using the traditional 8 way hand tied method to offer unrivalled support & longevity. These springs are offered in various gauge wire. We also sell the pre made spring units, these are a superb option to install a high quality springing system without intensive labour associated with individual springs. Zigzag springs, also known as serpentine or D’Arc springs, are widely used on modern furniture. These are quicker to install and more commonly used on modern furniture. Fitted under tension to create a slight arc, they give a firm base with a little “bounce”. Again available in various gauge wire, with the superloop version suited to back rests when a soft & bouncy feel is required. Finally we offer tension springs, synonymous with the ever popular Parker Knoll range. These are available in 2 gauges, with or without a rubber sleeve. Our offering of webbing is huge, from rubber webbing to elasticated. Our Elasticated webbing is European made, using quality elastic, we don’t compromise on the quality of our webbing! Choose from 5cm or 7cm webbing with a variety of elongation. The webbing with less elasticity is used for seating, generally the 50% elongation is the “go to” for a seat, with the 10% used for a firmer seat base. The 100% stretch is better suited to be used for webbing back areas. Our rigid webbing is manufactured from polypropylene, a thinner webbing mostly used on arms or backs, or the jute webbing. The jute webbing or black & White webbing is available in various qualities, including a British Woven version. Used to web seats, backs or arms, and often used to create a firm base in conjunction with cone springs. Finally we offer rubber webbing, this can be used on a variety of furniture, although is it best known for being used on Ercol furniture.