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Livedale Foam & Sundries Ltd. are foam converters and suppliers of upholsterers sundries.

Welcome To Livedale, It’s Business As Usual Livedale Foam & Sundries Ltd. was started in 1960 by 5 partners all ex Dunlop employees who were involved in the early stages of foam development. At that time the company was called Livedale Manufacturing, as when they started the company was manufacturing foam blocks, it was only after a few years that they ceased manufacturing their own foam and became solely foam converters.

Here at Livedale we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and flexible service, making us easy to deal with. We try to offer not just the fast moving popular lines, but also the items which are not used so often but which however, are still needed from time to time and also by the traditional upholsterer. The number of lines in our catalogue grows year on year, due to a large part from listening to our customers and responding to their needs. We often are able to source items for our customers which are not in our catalogue but we obtain for them if we are able these often end up in the next edition of our catalogue.