Reconstituted Foam Sheet

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Reconstituted Foam Sheets.

Recon foam is manufactured from recycled foam trim. Any virgin foam waste created in the cutting of foam cushions & mattresses is returned to the manufacturer, granulated and bonded back together to create a reconstituted foam block. This foam is firmer than standard foam. It is widely used in manufacture of gym equipment, bar stools, banquet seating, landing mats or when a firm layer of foam may be required underneath regular foam for extra support.

Available in 6lb, 8lb or 10lb. The higher the number the firmer the recon foam. 6lb is used for general upholstery & commercial seating. 8lb can be used for the same applications as 6lb and also for gym equipment & landing mats. 10lb is very firm and primarily used on gym equipment.

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Additional information


10lb, 6lb, 8lb


80"x20"x1" (203cmx50cmx25mm), 80"x20"x½" (203cmx50cmx12mm), 80"x20"x¾" (203cmx50cmx19mm), 80"x60"x1" (203cmx150cmx25mm), 80"x60"x½" (203cmx150cmx12mm), 80"x60"x1½" (203cmx150cmx38mm), 80"x60"x2" (203cmx150cmx50mm), 80"x60"x¾" (203cmx150cmx19mm)